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Who is Ferocity Unbound?

At Ferocity Unbound our first question was “What do we want, as MMO players? What would players enjoy?” We never sat down and said “this is our game, now what can we add on top of it to please everyone?” Instead we sat down and decided what we wanted out of PvE, what we wanted out of PvP, what we wanted out of crafting, combat, player created content, housing, role playing, raids and any other aspect we could think of. We didn’t jam these ideas piecemeal to fit into a predefined box. We didn’t force these ideas on top of each other with little rhyme or reason. We took our ideas and laid them out like a complicated and intricate jigsaw puzzle. There is no forcing the pieces to fit together, they just come together, creating one solid picture.

Is every one of our ideas original? Absolutely not. Some are, but some draw inspiration from our experiences in gaming. While we have some features never before seen, we also have some similar to other titles. Action-oriented combat is one such feature; we’re not trying to create a brand new never-before-seen combat system from the ground up. Why? Instead we aim to perfect something we enjoy. No game has gotten it exactly right. Our goal is to take what we like and improve it.

In short, we are a group of gamers who were fed up with what little fare we are being offered, so we decided to cook up our own.

Our goal is an MMO created by gamers, for gamers to enjoy. Join us in taking back this industry. Challenge is everything!

Sacrament   |   Founders

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