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5/21/2017 - Information Release 49
  • She's the goddess of tranquility, but her calm doesn't come in the way you may think... read all about our patriarchy-smashing deity Y'Tia!
5/7/2017 - Information Release 48
  • If you enjoy being a meat shield who can sustain itself while generating threat, you're in luck. Check out the Zealot, the tankiest of priests.
4/23/2017 - Information Release 47
  • Gather your wits and grow your knowledge as you read about Rhella, goddess of the harvest.

3/26/2017 - Information Release 46
  • If blood magic is wrong then Blood Mages won't ever be right!

3/12/2017 - Information Release 45
  • Ride the tide with Annánac, the god of water.

2/26/2017 - Information Release 44
  • Jump into the melee fray with the monk class, and see how this avoidance tank dodges damage and distracts the enemy. Wax on, wax off.

2/12/2017 - Information Release 43
  • Fierce, feline, and sometimes feral, the Jagua race prowls into view. Read about how this noble race dominates the battlefield.
  • Prone to excess and enjoying all life has to offer, the deity Nysák stumbles drunkenly onto the scene.

1/15/2017 - Information Release 42
  • Combining strategy and finesse, the Duelist class makes its graceful debut.
  • Enjoy trading? Check out Sacrament's Player Merchant system and learn the art of the deal, Estrom'Ir style.

12/11/2016 - Information Release 41
  • Get in touch with nature as you read about Elissia. This deity is the goddess of nature, with all that entails.
  • Sacrament's Skill System is explained this week. Learn all about how you utilize and level up those all-important skills that make surviving on Estrom'Ir possible.
  • Delve into the culture of the nature-loving Wood Elves, and discover how their way of life, and death, keep the balance.

11/27/2016 - Information Release 40
  • The Invoker class gets personal by bringing out the inner... well... you, and enhancing your groups capabilities!
  • Shamner, the God of Music, is his own one-deity-band in this new release!

11/13/2016 - Information Release 39
  • Take a look at Sacrament's innovative Achievement System and learn about how we will reward players in potentially game-changing ways!
  • We introduce Goblins this week! Learn all about the history and customs of this small but mighty race.

10/31/2016 - Information Release 38
  • With this fresh take on tanking find out how the mage tanking class, Summoner, uses their pets to help mitigate damage... or prevent it from happening at all!

10/16/2016 - Information Release 37
  • For some it's the clash of combat, and for others it's the depth of the lore, but for many MMOer's out there, it's all about the Character Creation system! This week, check out the overview of what Sacrament has in store for designing the perfect toon!
  • They may be short in stature, but don't underestimate their abilities! The Halfling race makes its debut with background lore and concept art!
  • The latest member of the Aequalis legion, Zela, Goddess of Dreams floats onto the scene with her ethereal powers and devoted followers. Check out her background lore and concept art!

9/18/2016 - Information Release 36
  • Consider yourself a master at controlling the flow of battle? Strategist is the class for you. Take a look at how this support class rules the battlefield.
  • Read up on how Sacrament's Add-on system supports developers and gamers alike. Developers, API, and hosting, oh my!

9/4/2016 - Information Release 35
  • Bringing peace and tranquility in its wake, the Aequalis Legion makes its debut this week.
  • Regulatorsssss! Mount up! Learn all about Sacrament's complex Mount System; whether you prefer air mounts, land mounts, or mounts that glide through the water, you'll find one to suit your needs.
  • Austere, beautiful, and filled with grace, the Moon Elves can be imposing. Read more about this old and proud race.

8/21/2016 - Information Release 34
  • Music isn't just for the Bards! This week hum along as you learn about Player Instrumentation in Sacrament!
  • If stalking through the forest and bonding with wild animals is your idea of a fun Saturday, consider trying out the Ranger class with their Ranger Pets! Check out the background lore and concept art!

8/7/2016 - Information Release 33
  • "War, huh, yeah, what is it good for"....absolutely everything for Geldir, God of War. Learn about this undisputed leader of the Tenebris Legion and check out his concept art!
  • The Troll race is featured this week with background lore. Don't let their tall, lumbering appearance fool you, for there is much hidden under the surface!

7/24/2016 - Information Release 32
  • After spending countless hours working towards an epic, it should mean something! This week, find out how the Epic System in Sacrament provides insane rewards for insane effort!
  • If you enjoy throwing out some damage to your enemies while you are also healing your friends, this curse-wielding healer may be what you are looking for. Check out the Witch Doctor class background lore and concept art!

7/10/2016 - Information Release 31
  • So is this game going to be free? Is it buy to play? This week, get your money questions answered with information about the Payment Model and Restrictions in Sacrament!
  • If reading about payment models gets you in the mood for some stealth and thievery, check out the Vermi race background lore and concept art!
  • If payment models fill you with sorrow and despair, the latest Tenebris legion diety, Cahldir, God of Sorrow will lure you in with his background lore and concept art!

6/27/2016 - Information Release 30
  • Whether you want to sell your own wares or just need a few mats to complete a task, everyone will need to interact with the Auction House and Trading system at some point. This week, find out how Sacrament deals with the market and economy!
  • With a deadly combination of magic and science, the Techromancer class provides support and CC with their Techromancer Pets. Read up on the details and check out the concept art!

6/12/2016 - Information Release 29
  • This week we discuss the Guild System in Sacrament! It's one of the most important parts of a successful MMO world and the benefits of committing to a guild are many!
  • Steady and strong, check out the Orc race background lore!
  • The latest Tenebris legion diety to unveil herself, Vela, Goddess of Nightmares has her descriptive lore and concept art ready to seep into your mind!

5/30/2016 - Information Release 28
  • For those who want to know where they can put their favorite treasures or if they can live near their guildies, this week we get into the ever important Player Housing system in Sacrament!
  • Everybody's best friend, this tanking class will find a place in any party! Check out the Warrior class's dynamic tanking style and concept art!
  • Delve into the mind of Idara, Goddess of Schemes to see what makes her tick!

5/15/2016 - Information Release 27
  • Are you afraid of dying? This week you can ponder deep thoughts while learning how the Death Penalty system will work in Sacrament.
  • For anyone who has ever dreamed of having wings, the Avian race may be just what you are looking for. Check out the descriptive lore!
  • The newest Tenebris legion diety, Kaldumia, Goddess of Insanity gives the term wild woman a whole new meaning! Check out her descriptive lore and concept art!

5/1/2016 - Information Release 26
  • This week find out how the Clickie Item system will work in Sacrament. The possibilities of items and uses may be endless, plus it's fun to say!
  • Scandalous and sly, learn about the Thief class and check out the concept art!

4/17/2016 - Information Release 25
  • This week learn about the Tome System in Sacrament! Yet another outlet for the creativity and originality of all the gamers out there!
  • If you envision your character towering over others, check out the powerful Ogre race and concept art!
  • The latest Tenebris Legion diety Melous, God of Hate has his twisted background lore and concept art ready to view!

4/3/2016 - Information Release 24
  • This week get in-depth with the Role Playing system in Sacrament! The possibilities are endless for those who wish to make their character come alive!
  • For those looking for a healing pet class, get in tune with nature and check out the Druid class and concept art!

3/20/2016 - Information Release 23
  • World Events in Sacrament bring a truly interactive and dynamic aspect to the game! Find out about these engaging systems that will give players exciting and varied experiences as they play.
  • Who doesn't love a Gnome? Check out the lore and concept art for this small but inventive race!
  • The newest Tenebris Legion diety, Ireus, God of Disease has his descriptive lore and concept art revealed this week!

3/6/2016 - Information Release 22
  • For those who love to design, create, or role play - the Creator and PvPE Systems in Sacrament is your place to shine!
  • The Necromancer class is featured this week - full of death, disease, and dark magic!

2/21/2016 - Information Release 21
  • This week learn more about the challenging and rewarding Crafting System in Sacrament!
  • If you are drawn to darkness and shadows, the Dark Elf race might be for you!
  • View the lore and concept art for the Tenebris legion deity, Rathar, God of Death.

2/7/2016 - Information Release 20
  • If you are wondering, "What is the End Game content?", read about Raid Systems this week! It's way more than meets the eye.
  • Not all healers wear cloth! Check out the Defender class!

1/24/2016 - Information Release 19
  • Find out how quests will work and what type of things you'll be doing in the Quest System release.
  • Learn about our Tenebris Legion as our second Legion comes into play!
  • Thinking about playing as an Ursa? Read all about our most hunted after class here... and be careful!

1/10/2016 - Information Release 18
  • If you are wondering what you will find as you set off on your adventure in the Sacrament world, read about Open World and Instanced Content this week.
  • For those who prefer to stay out of the fray while taking down their enemies, the Sniper class might be for you!

12/13/2015 - Information Release 17

11/29/2015 - Information Release 16
  • Whether you aim to be a Champion, a Bounty Hunter, or to earn the Favor of your chosen god, World PVP in Sacrament has it all and more!
  • If you enjoy a challenging yet rewarding healing class, check out the Shaman class and view the latest concept art!

11/15/2015 - Information Release 15
  • After last week's first look at PVP, this week we go in for a more in depth look at City PVP in Sacrament.
  • Read about Karvur, God of the Hunt, and view the latest concept art!
  • Dive deep into the introductory lore and concept art for the newest race, the Nymph!

11/01/2015 - Information Release 14
  • Prefer killing to talking? Get the first look at PVP in Sacrament this week!
  • Check out the Infuser class and concept art. A hybrid support and CC class that you'll never forget...or will you?

10/18/2015 - Information Release 13
  • The true pranksters - Brownies! Concept art and truly devious lore are available on the latest race here.
  • For all of those pet lovers out there, check out our Pet Classes page and discover the interactive and invaluable pets types.

10/04/2015 - Information Release 12
  • Terrorizing the enemy while stealing their defenses! Learn all about the Doom Knight, one of the tanking classes in Sacrament. Check out some amazing concept art as well, here.
  • Get out your stuns, sleeps, and mezzes! Crowd Control takes center stage in this IR. Check out our CC concepts here!

09/20/2015 - Information Release 11
  • Art and introductory lore for Lelthar is live! Read up on the devious God of Shadows.
  • Diverse races are great, but the versatile human will always have its place. Learn all about humans in Sacrament, and see some awesome concept art, here.
  • Arguably one of the most important roles in MMOs, the Healers are taking center stage this IR. Check out our healing concepts here!

09/09/2015 - Information Release 10
  • Like buffing your allies and helping your group be more effective? You'll want to check out our Support role concepts!
  • If doling out high damage with short blades is your preferred style of combat, don't miss the expanded Assassin class info.

08/24/2015 - Information Release 9
  • Interested in playing a damage dealer? Check out the DPS overview!
  • Odros, The God of Law is making his stand!
  • Learn about the new race, the Lizar!

08/10/2015 - Information Release 8
  • Tanks get ready as we discuss our Tanking overview!
  • Healers, learn more about the Cleric just one of our healing classes!

07/27/2015 - Information Release 7

07/13/2015 - Information Release 6
  • Learn more about the most valuable part of any game Resources
  • The Tempest class is now available!

06/28/2015 - Great news! Information Release 5 is here!

06/15/2015 - Tired of waiting? Information Release 4 is now available!
  • Learn more about Armor
  • Paladin class is here!
  • Want to know how inventory is managed? Check it out here.

06/01/2015 - Ready for Information Release 3? It’s here!

05/18/2015 - Information Release 2 is here!

05/04/2015 - Welcome to Sacrament, a game where Worship is Power!
  • View the Introduction to Sacrament Lore
  • View the combat overview
  • And discover the Classes of Sacrament
  • As well as the General Game Outline
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