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5/21/2017 - Information Release 49
  • She's the goddess of tranquility, but her calm doesn't come in the way you may think... read all about our patriarchy-smashing deity Y'Tia!
5/7/2017 - Information Release 48
  • If you enjoy being a meat shield who can sustain itself while generating threat, you're in luck. Check out the Zealot, the tankiest of priests.
4/23/2017 - Information Release 47
  • Gather your wits and grow your knowledge as you read about Rhella, goddess of the harvest.

3/26/2017 - Information Release 46
  • If blood magic is wrong then Blood Mages won't ever be right!

3/12/2017 - Information Release 45
  • Ride the tide with Annánac, the god of water.

2/26/2017 - Information Release 44
  • Jump into the melee fray with the monk class, and see how this avoidance tank dodges damage and distracts the enemy. Wax on, wax off.

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