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Class Role(s): DPS, CC

Some say that bashing a creature to death is the most effective way to kill it. Those who say that are clearly Berserkers. These unwieldy combatants have been known to knock a creature out and finish it off while it was unconscious without batting an eye.

Class Role(s): HP Healing, Group Support

Providing increased mitigation, the Defenders are capable of lowering their healing workload by diminishing the amount of damage received, making for a highly capable healer.

Most Effective Weapon(s): Sword and Relic
RE Armor: Chainmail
OE Armor: Plate

Available Races:

Ursa, Orc, Human, Lupine, Moon Elf, Dwarf, Lizar, Ogre, Dark Elf, Fae, Oaken



  • 1. Bastion - Wards each group member for % of their total health
  • 2. Rallying Defense - Adds a damage mitigation increase to each existing ward
  • 3. Guardian - Weapon attacks for the next x seconds ward focus target for damage dealt, effect stacks up to 3 times
  • 4. Umbrella - Covers group members for x seconds, reducing AoE damage


  • 5. Patronage - Single target gains a defense increase based on Defender’s armor value
  • 6. Aegis - Increases target’s max health

The Defender is a fighter who specializes in protecting his or her allies. Rather than healing the damage that has been dealt, the Defender protects themselves and their party from taking the damage in the first place. Wards negate a set amount of damage, and no one possesses more wards than the Defender. Standing as a bastion of defense, stalwart in the face of any enemy, the Defender is someone you want standing beside you no matter the odds.

Wading into battle in its heavier armor, the Defender is a natural fighter, able to take a beating, though they lack the hate generation of other tanking fighters. If a Wizard is a glass cannon, then a Defender is the iron curtain. Built more for defense than offense, the Defender really shines in group play, earning its place in any party easily. When it comes to raiding the Defender has no equal as it relieves stress on healers and tanks alike. A raid without a Defender is like a castle with no walls.

“Fortresses are jealous of the defense my wards provide.” ~ Kollin Ingaj

Class Role(s): Tank, DPS, CC

Doom Knights specialize in stealing both the attention and the defense of their targets. They draw enemies in and strip their defenses, providing their groupmates with the opportunity to destroy them within moments. It was once said that if you ever witness a Doom Knight in battle, pray that his ire is not directed at you…

Most Effective Weapon(s): Two Handed Spear
RE Armor: Chainmail
OE Armor: Plate

Available Races:

Orc, Human, Lupine, Troll, Lizar, Ogre, Dark Elf, Avian, Brownie, Jagua



  • 1. Agonizing Outcry - Taunt the target increasing aggro by x
  • 2. Nightmare - Causes the target to cower in fear, preventing action for x seconds
  • 3. Grave Attack - Debuffs target allowing Cursed Blade strikes to bypass % armor value for x seconds and increases the amount of healing returned by Cursed Blade
  • 4. Damned - Target is damned taking x damage per second


  • 5. Forgotten Squire - Even in death the Doom Knight requires obedience; calls forth an undead Squire to aide the Knight
  • 6. Cursed Blade - Mark a target with a curse causing your weapon attacks to return a % of damage as health per hit for x seconds/minutes

Nothing is quite as terrifying as a Doom Knight on a mission. Standing proud in his heavy armor, the Doom Knight knows no personal fear, but the same cannot be said of his enemies. Looking into the face of this knight is looking into the face of death and despair. Enemies have been known to completely lose their will to fight against this frightening tank.

More offensive than many of its counterparts, the Doom Knight prefers to rob its enemies of...everything, even life itself. This tank may lack the mitigation of the Paladin, since its use of two handed weapons, but it makes up for this by stealing armor from its targets. Boosting his own armor, health, strength, and mitigation by stealing it from the enemy creates both a defensive and offensive force to be reckoned with.

This crippling fighter benefits entire groups, as their damage is increased when the Doom Knight begins to weave his magic. By robbing the target of needed defenses, strengths, and health, the Doom Knight generates more threat than any other class performing similar tasks. The Doom Knight is at home tanking and prefers to be the target of attention, but even when not tanking the debuffs it provides make it a valuable asset to every group or raid.

“I don’t fear death. It fears me.” ~ Erin Tul’ver

Class Role(s): Tank, DPS, Healing

Through meditation and understanding, Monks were able to fine tune their finesse in combat so much so that some believe they can see a short distance into the future. Of course the Monk knows it is through many years of training that they are capable of such agility, but they will never let their enemies know this.

Most Effective Weapon(s): Hand to Hand (includes bare fists)
RE Armor: Leather
OE Armor: Chainmail

Available Races:

Ursa, Orc, Human, Lupine, Troll, Dark Elf, Avian, Brownie, Halfling, Wood Elf, Jagua



  • 1. Mantis Claw - The Monk parries all frontal attacks for x seconds and increasing threat by x for each parried attack
  • 2. Monkey Roll - Rolls to the target's flank, avoiding damage and increasing threat
  • 3. Crane Claw - Damages and increases threat to target
  • 4. Mind Over Matter - Self-heal that heals the Monk for x amount over x seconds


  • 5. 50-50/Empty Stance - Toggles between Offensive (50-50) and Defensive (Empty) stances
  • 6. Leaping Punch - The Monk launches itself at the target dealing x damage and generating x threat (must be between 15 meters and 30 meters from target)

A master of martial combat, the Monk doesn’t require weapons because the Monk is a weapon. Mastering control over his own body, this tank excels at dodging and countering attacks. Without the stronger armor of the heftier tanks, this fighter simply avoids being hit.

Attacking with hands, feet, weapons, or its entire body, the Monk is a force to behold in any battle. The inability to hit the monk while being knocked around bare-handed adds insult to injury, making it a high threat tank. A Monk will face any enemy head on, relying on skill as its highest form of self-defense, but unlike many fighters this class does not plant its feet. Constantly moving, always weaving in, out, and around the enemy with an almost supernatural agility is what separates a Monk from a barroom boxer.

With its ability to feign their own death - and eventually that of the group - the Monk is one ace in the hole any group can appreciate. Using feign to split up small groups is a trait that only this tank has, and it can be used to great benefit. When it is hit this medium armor tank does takes a decent amount of damage, but this is mitigated with skill and a true mastery over his own body. *Mind Over Matter ignores the wounds of the Monk and self-heals for a small amount, buying just enough time for the healer to do their job.

“Vow of celibacy? HA! I’m not THAT kind of monk darling.” ~Virina La'rae

Class Role(s): Tank, Self Support

These holy knights call upon their faith to summon blessings upon themselves. No matter what deity the Paladin worships, they can channel its energy into desired defensive effects that give them boosts to armor and absorption techniques.

Most Effective Weapon(s): Sword and Shield
RE Armor: Plate
OE Armor: Chainmail

Available Races:

Ursa, Orc, Human, Lupine, Moon Elf, Dwarf, Lizar, Ogre, Fae, Oaken, Jagua



  • 1. Blessed Shield - Buff: Self: Increases damage reduction of block abilities for x seconds (requires shield)
  • 2. Blessed Beacon - Buff: Self: Increase threat generation by a large amount; targets attacking while active have x% chance to become blinded for x seconds
  • 3. Shield Wall - Buff: Self: Increases Armor and increased block mitigation by x% for x seconds
  • 4. Squire - Summons a squire to follow the holy knight into combat


  • 5. Bulwark - Channel: Hunker down behind your shield blocking incoming damage by x% (lose x% reduction for every 2 seconds block is held)
  • 6. Blessed Armor - Buff: Self: Prevents x% damage for x minutes (stacks with other buffs of the same type)

The epitome of defensive tanking and the ultimate in pure mitigation, the Paladin uses his skills to buff his defenses to heights no other class can reach on their own. With the blessing of their piety, they increase armor as well as block mitigation. The Paladin isn’t selfish either, with several armor buffs affecting nearby party members, many melee classes love having a Paladin nearby.

The Paladin has acquired these boosts for a reason. This fighter stands as a beacon, shining a light upon themselves and drawing the hate of very large and dangerous targets. They’re not your agile tank, like the Monk or Duelist. They’re not offensive-based like the Doom Knight or Warrior. Instead the Paladin is the quintessential hunker-down-and-block-or-absorb-damage tank.

Few classes can take the hits like a Paladin. Most other tanks have tricks up their sleeves and ways to deal with targets; the Paladin has no tricks. Slow moving in heavy plate, it’s not going to dodge an enemy. But if your group needs someone to stand on location and just take a beating a Paladin is the class for you. Whether off tanking the hardest hitters, main tanking big bad bosses, or just boosting the raid's defenses, the Paladin easily earns its spot. Go without one at your own risk.

“I have faith in my shield, as my faith is my shield.” ~ Mason Temple

Class Role(s): Group Support, DPS

Strategists use their knowledge of battle to control the ebb and flow of their group. Supporting allies in a number of ways, they approach each fight with an emphasis on the strategy of the group as a whole unit.

Most Effective Weapon(s): Shotguns
RE Armor: Chainmail
DE Armor: Plate

Available Races:

Ursa, Orc, Human, Lupine, Gnome, Dwarf, Troll, Lizar, Ogre, Halfling, Jagua



  • 1. Physical Banner - Places a banner at the Strategist’s location that increases group members’ effectiveness of abilities being used on hostile targets
  • 2. Imbued Banner - Places a banner at the Strategist’s location that increases group members’ effectiveness of abilities being used on ally targets
  • 3. Full Auto - Channel: Rapid fire attacks for x damage in quick succession on targets up to x meters; consecutive hits increase the damage of the next hit
  • 4. Call to Arms - Pulls the Strategist's group to its current location, out of harm’s way, granting immunity to damage for x seconds (players can still perform all actions and receive beneficial effects)


  • 5. Molotov - Creates a wall of fire at target location that applies a fire dot for x damage for x seconds
  • 6. Gung Ho - Charges into combat and inspires all party members within x meters (to a maximum of half the maximum raid size) for x seconds increasing combat efficiency by x%

The Strategist is carnage incarnate. Stepping into range of their shotgun has left many without faces to identify. It is strongly recommended that you not find yourself on the business end of that cannon they call their weapon. Staying just out of sword range, the Strategist has ended many lives at once, in a deadly spray.

The conal attacks of this fighter make it strong in taking down multiple targets at once. The short range of their preferred weapon has kept them in heavier armor, allowing them to take a hit. This also limits their mobility, but they’ve never been ones to leap around the battlefield. Instead, the Strategist will calmly walk right into the thick of battle before blasting away an area with grenades and shells.

Thinning the ranks as waves of enemies pour through a well-planned choke point allows Strategists to really shine. If that target was expecting an army of backup he’ll be sorely upset, as they get mowed down in short order. Some groups may prefer to face enemies one at a time, slow and steady. The rest make sure to take along a Strategist.

“Your gun goes Pew-pew? Mine goes BOOM-BOOM!” ~Rhyker Tyral'ah

Warrior Concept Art by Renna Lorie

Class Role(s): Tank, DPS

The key focus of the Warrior is to distract large groups of enemies long enough for their allies to lock down individual targets and take out the rest. While the Warrior is the most offensive of the tank types, they are still not considered to be viable DPS while in a tanking role. However, the ability to adjust to a DPS role is a strong benefit of the Warrior.

Most Effective Weapon(s): Dual Wield Swords
RE Armor: Plate
OE Armor: Chainmail

Available Races:

Ursa, Orc, Human, Lupine, Dwarf, Lizar, Ogre, Oaken, Jagua



  • 1. Scissor - A frontal cone attack that slices enemies in front of the warrior for X damage and generates a large amount of threat
  • 2. Defensive Weave - Channeled: The Warrior weaves their weapons in an impenetrable defense parrying attacks and mitigating x% of damage per attack; holding this stance for longer than 3 seconds results in a loss of x% mitigation per second
  • 3. Whirlwind - Channeled: Spin with weapons outstretched dealing AoE damage and generating a large amount of threat
  • 4. Donkey Kick - A strong forward kick that deals high damage and increases threat generation by x% for x seconds


  • 5. Aggressive Bond - Bonds with a group member, warrior intercepts a portion of damage and threat the party member would have received
  • 6. Loco-motive - Charges with weapons forward headlong toward combat; Gap closer that deals weapon damage and increases threat

The Warrior is a straight melee powerhouse. Built to take a beating, they stand out in a crowd, drawing the attention of enemies away from their group mates. The Warrior specializes in controlling the flow of combat by keeping groups of enemies from spreading out over the battlefield. Why place a shield in hand when you can add another weapon?

This combatant is a purely offensive beast, forgoing defense in order to deal area of effect damage and threat. Other tanks specialize in buckling down behind their defenses and focusing on a limited number of targets, but the Warrior covers the length of the battlefield, grabbing up any would-be ambushers lying in wait to target the squishier group members. Drawing multiple enemies to themselves is a dangerous task, but no one is better suited to the job. When a Warrior is present, a group knows where the adds will be. This makes dealing with them not just much easier but also more clean and safe for the group as a whole.

You need an off tank? Call a Warrior. You need to keep multiple enemies away from softer group members? The Warrior is for you. Just need a little extra DPS? The Warrior is still the class for the task. Stepping away from the tanking role, the Warrior can step into a sustained endurance DPS role. While they’ll never top the charts as the highest damage, the ability to be of use in any fight makes them a benefit to all situations. Any group is better off having a Warrior along.